EUROSUR is one of the most veteran companies on the Eastern side of the Costa del Sol, operating in the Real Estate field since 1967.

In 1995, following years of success in the mediation and sale of properties, we decided to take the leap and use our market experience to start an also successful career in the field of promotion of building projects and handling their paperwork.

Since then we have acted sometimes as the promoters ourselves, other times as the builders and in others as project managers on behalf of other companies, looking after their assets and dealing “hands on” with the process of construction, paperwork, marketing and sales of the final products.

As the fruits of this activity, today our clients are enjoying estates and buildings such as «Señorío de Capistrano», «Ladera del Mar» & «Tamango Hill».

This department of Eurosur is run directly by our Managing Director, Mr. Ivan Jullit, who counts on the close cooperation of the most prestigious architects, engineers, technicians, building contractors and town planning specialist lawyers.