Project Managers


Our activity is aimed at investors and developers who delegate to our company everything related to buying, selling and managing their property, large assets, land and also the construction, marketing and sale of the product.

When it comes to investors who wish to promote a project in our area, we offer different levels of mediation and counseling. Starting with the purchase of the land, to the sale and marketing of the final product, including subcontracting to technicians and construction companies, and personalized monitoring by our staff throughout the process of construction, controlling the quality of the materials used and the compliance with all existing regulations in Spain in terms of human resources, town planning, taxation, etc..

a) Over viewing the project: Free advice to the investor or developer, doing market research before they invest in any land or premises, examining the feasibility and profitability of the idea. Full information about the whole process leading to obtaining the license and document management, time scale for the execution of this and suggestion of which segment of the market should be targeted for the final product.

b) Project Organization: Once the land or property has been purchased, we establish a schedule of activities at all levels, fiscal, financial, legal, construction, etc.. We are also developers ourselves, and we know how important it is for projects to be completed in time, so no one can be more sensitive than us to the needs of our customers.

c) Project Execution and control: Once the schedule of action has been established, we can begin construction work by qualified personnel, supervised by our staff, at all times. Each stage of the construction process is given to a contractor only after studying their budgets and analyzing their real capacity to produce the desired elements properly and on time, thereby minimizing any risk of the project being paralyzed by the inability of one of the members involved in it. We tend to subcontract to local companies so we know many of them from previous projects in which we have collaborated. Our success is based on professionalism and the quality of each and every one of our employees.

d) Finally, and optionally, we can do the marketing of the final product, through Eurosur and our network of Real Estate Agents in Europe, offering eventual customers finance options for their purchase and enjoying the best post sales services, including the maintenance of the property and handling their holiday rentals, a field in which we have over 30 years of experience.